MY STORY - refugee children stories and Scratch

My Story, the Greek winner of the Diversity category, was a project where refugee children presented their stories to the public using the Scratch platform.

"My Story" allowed kids from so different parts of the world to tell their stories and share their experiences. Some of the countries of origin of the children included Palestine, Afghanistan and Syria. The children study in KEDU and LEDU, which are two non-formal educational centers supported by the UNHCR.

By takin part in this project, they were able to meet the world of technology. Some of the children never had the chance before to work on a computer, let alone to create a digital project. They learned about the Windows OS, the internet, and the Scratch platform. In addition, the project also fostered learning English and, last but not least, enhanced the cooperation and team spirit between them.

Regarding the impact on the public, we hope that the project raised awareness concerning the refugee crisis and gave the opportunity to the people to expand their knowledge on the refugee issue. Seeing the results of their work was full of emotion and we need opportunities like that more often.

During the virtual Meet and Code Awards ceremony on March 16th, 2021, "My Story" project was chosen as a winner of "Diversity" category of Meet and Code 2020. Congratulations!