Get Some Inspiration!

One of the biggest challenges for Meet and Code organisers is to devise a compelling event that interests young people. No worries! We have prepared some inspirations for you!

#Inspiration Library

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We have gathered stories, useful tips and tricks from last year events organisers. You will find them in "Stories" and "Inspiration Library" sections. 

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Remember, that all nonprofits registered on our website have access to a Welcome Pack with tools that can help you make your event more interesting and also prepare visually attractive communication about it.

Don’t hesitate to use our Inspiration Library where you will find useful resources, presentations and tool kits to learn and or teach coding in your national languages. Please notice that each partner localize materials in a local language, that’s why they are different for each country.

Dear Reader, we have one request - please share the information about Meet and Code with all interested nonprofits – they have time to apply until September 8.