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At SAP, we believe in the power of business to solve social issues and trigger systemic change with technology and innovation.

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Through SAP4Good, our CSR strategy is tied closely to SAP’s business promise: to innovate and help customers run at their best. This is done by carefully selecting partners in quality education, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship, to co-develop and co-innovate programs that drive collective impact.

Innovation belongs to all of us. But, according to The World Bank, more than half of global citizens are not included in the digital economy. SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is tackling this issue head-on by powering opportunity for all people through digital inclusion initiatives. 
Did you know, SAP CSR focuses on building digital skills, accelerating best-run non-profits and social enterprises, and connecting employees with purpose? These three pillars help ensure everyone can participate in — and benefit from — today's digital world:

  1. Building Digital Skills: SAP’s education initiatives help people attain 21st-century skills to thrive and secure decent, meaningful work, including entrepreneurial pursuits, in a digital world. In 2018 alone, SAP’s digital skills and coding programs trained 34,000 teachers, engaged 2.8 million youth, and spanned across 93 countries.

  1. Non-profit partnerships: SAP CSR carefully selects non-profit and social enterprise partners primarily in the areas of quality education, workforce preparedness, and youth entrepreneurship. In 2018, SAP built capacity for +800 organizations through in-kind contributions of €3.4 million, impacting more than 1 million lives globally!

  1. Employees with Purpose: 93% of SAP employees acknowledge the importance of pursuing purpose and sustainability. In 2018, 20,000 SAP employees dedicated 250,000 hours of service in 58 countries. 55% of all volunteer hours were skills-based in support of building digital skills, workforce readiness, and youth entrepreneurship.

The programs within each of the three pillars embrace the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing primarily on three of the seventeen goals: quality education (SDG 4), decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), and strengthening partnership for sustainable development (SDG 17). Click here to Learn more

The magic is in the CSR numbers:
  1. 4.5m young people across the continent have benefitted from SAP’s digital skills programs generating inclusive opportunities for all;
  2. 414 nonprofits and social enterprises have been assisted through SAP’s pro bono volunteering program, the SAP Social Sabbatical;
  3. €22.8m was invested by SAP in education and workforce readiness in 2018.

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