Capacity Building

Adapt and thrive in today’s ever-changing world with Meet & Code’s capacity building opportunities 

Our Capacity Building Goals:

  • Meet and Code wants to enable non-profits in digital education. 

  • We will continue to support in these challenging times and work together to help create impactful in-person, hybrid or online events, 

  • Meet and Code’s aim is to inspire, share best practice, support, and develop new ideas, as well as to help address any challenges you are faced with. 

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Setting up an on-site or virtual Meet and Code event is fun but can also be challenging. You may find yourself wondering what the current trends in digital skills are or how you can motivate young learners to join your course.  

As there are many questions that you will probably ask yourself when going through this process, we have developed several free learning opportunities and expert advice to support you in your Meet and Code journey: 

  1. Check out our YouTube channel for online seminars and learn from the first-hand experience of coaches, 

  1. Browse through our inspiration library and,  

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for inspiring information from our Meet and Code partners and family. 

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