Does your event need an SAP helping hand?

As part of Meet and Code’s exciting line-up for 2020, SAP Corporate Volunteering will now be introduced to four pilot countries. Here’s a few reasons why you should try it!

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Did you know that SAP supports more than 20,000 volunteers annually? For the first time ever, Meet and Code events in Germany, France, Bulgaria and Ireland will have the opportunity to receive SAP mentorship, expertise and assistance.  

Just three years ago in 2017, SAP co-developed the Meet and Code initiative with a vision to connect employees with purpose and give them the opportunity to participate as corporate volunteers. By doing so, SAP can provide meaningful and impactful opportunities where employees can use their expert skills to further help and improve the digital literacy of non-profit organizations, including Meet and Code events.

In today’s unprecedented and stressful times, creating a fun and interactive online event can have its challenges, especially for youth. Connection issues and retaining student online attention can be difficult to say the least. SAP skills-based volunteering can help by applying their unique skills, abilities and knowledge to provide assistance and expertise where it's needed most to help make your event the best that it can be.  

Here’s how your Meet and Code event can benefit:

  • Practical presentations can be provided, example: about their work experience in the IT industry;
  • Facilitation of online workshops;
  • Support with the introduction to Snap!
  • Moderate online Design Thinking workshops;
  • Coach online workshops in robotics, 3-D printing, coding, and many more;
  • Support with website creation, social media or setting up the right tool for your online course;
  • Act as jurors for challenges and/or competitions;
Each year during ‘Month of Service’ in October, SAP’s employees unite under one vision to help improve people’s lives by dedicating their time, talent and efforts to help people in need in their local communities. And now you can nominate your Meet and Code event for consideration of volunteering support and reap the rewards and benefits of SAP expert skills! 

To find out more about the corporate volunteering terms and conditions, click here