Introduction to the no code

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Opis With today's technological evolution, it is inevitable to talk about No Code. It is a current and unavoidable topic in view of the many tools and resources that are available to us today to make life easier. It is a solution that allows coders and non-technical users to create applications using visual modelling and configuration tools. It accelerates application development and addresses the need for workflow automation and custom software creation faster than traditional coding approaches. Introducing this to our kids doesn't take them away from learning coding itself, but letting them know that there are tools to increase their growth in a world where entrepreneurship is at the core.

We'll discuss about:

- Introduction
- What is No Code?
- Why using the No Code?
- Advantages and disadvantages of No Code?
- What are the tools of No Code?
- Summary

Grupa wiekowa 10 - 19

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Data 24.09.2022    15:00 - 17:00

Maksymalna liczba uczestników 20 Brak wolnych miejsc na wydarzenie.

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