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Opis The youths of today like to play games. These games were programmed by other people. It would be fun if they could program their own games. This is quite easy. With the App Inventor, an application originally developed by Google and now maintained by the (MIT), programming a game can be very easy and can be a good way of waking the interest of young people to programming. The interface is very similar to that of Scratch.

In this online workshop, we shall teach young participants how to program and a game which makes them have fun and also learn to take care of the planet. In this game, random environmental unfriendly objects shall be thrown on the ground. The participants shall program a person object that moves and removes the environmental unfriendly objects within a given time. They gain plus points for removing an unfriendly object negative points for making a wrong decision. At the end the participant with the highest score wins.

We shall start by explaining some basic principles of programming before diving into code.

Registered participants of this online event will receive all instructions before the event. They need only their Android phones to the Zoom session.

Grupa wiekowa 12 - 24

Poziom trudności

Rodzaj wydarzenia Wydarzenie online

Data 31.10.2020    10:00 - 13:00

Maksymalna liczba uczestników 15 Chcesz wziąć udział w tym wydarzeniu? Prosimy o kontakt z organizatorami.

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