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Code your dowe! - 2021


Beschrijving A ‘dowe’ is a project that makes people take action on important themes to inspire other people to contribute to solve today's societal challenges.
By means of a ‘dowe’, people can motivate each other to pay attention to a certain subject. Topics such as air pollution, religious intolerance, or sexism can be addressed.

During the event “Code your dowe”, participants will learn about working with HTML, CSS, and Java.

Once the workshop has been completed, a full dowe page has been built using code, and the participant has now started a personal dowe page. This page always remains open for editing for the creator of the page and their friends.

This event targets young people between 16 and 24 years old that are in the process of discovering their talents and have a culturally diverse background.

This event will allow the target group to create awareness on what makes them feel uncomfortable in society and give them perspective that they can do something about it (the dowe part) and how to do it and make it visible to others (the coding part). They will create awareness about themes relevant to the communities they belong to, either in the Netherlands or abroad.

Leeftijdsgroep 16 - 24


Type Online-Event

Datum 07.10.2021    16:00 - 18:00

Max. aantal deelnemers 25 Wilt u deelnemen? Contacteer onze lokale contactpersoon.

Participation is free.

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