Meet and Code - FAQs

Your organisation must be charitable and therefore have a validated account with your local Techsoup partner - Charity Digital for the UK and Malta - to be able to take part at Meet and Code. In order to identify and validate your organisation’s charitable status, it is necessary to receive a Validation Token from Charity Digital. If you are already registered with Charity Digital on tt-exchange, then please sign in to your account on their website and get a Validation Token. If you are not registered with Charity Digital's donation programme, then please click below to register and follow the next steps. To get more information and register now, click here.
The Meet and Code grants are available for charities only. You will need to register your charitable organisation here on the Meet and Code Website. To register and validate your charitable status, you are redirected to the TechSoup Europe Platforms - Charity Digital for the UK and Malta. After you have successfully registered your organisation there, you get a validation token to finish the registration on the Meet and Code Platform. You then can submit one or several event ideas on the Meet and Code Website and take part in Meet and Code! If you have been part of Meet and Code in the last years, you can log in with your account and you need to revalidate your organisation by getting a new validation toke at your TechSoup Account. Afterwards, you can submit new event ideas for this year.
The following basic criteria apply to the event idea: • The submitted event idea seeks to inspire and introduce young people to the world of technology and coding. • The event has to be realized between September 1 and October 31, 2021. • The target audiences are children and youth between 8 and 24 years. • The participation for them must be free of charge. Eligible applicants: only charitable organisations can submit their ideas via their Meet and Code website. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Meet and Code had to adapt its funding strategy. In addition to the basic requirements, the following rules apply for this year: • All event ideas have to be executed virtually. • The event has to be designed for a minimum of 90 minutes time. This timeframe can be met in one session or can be divided into several sessions. • Live events have to be designed for a minimum of 10 attendees. • The format of the events can be a live event, e.g. a webinar or a virtual coding workshop, or a “non-live event” with mandatory participant interaction, e.g. a massive open online course with live FAQ sessions. With the change in the format, we also want to provide you with guidelines for what you can use the funding in this year‘s Meet and Code edition. Please note that funding can only be used for event-related expenditure, that is: • Trainer for the workshop • License for online teaching tools • Learning materials for participants including curation and shipping, e.g. workings books or hardware • Communication to reach potential participants, e.g. flyer, poster, online marketing • Professional external support to enable an online event, e.g. technical support • Rent for space needed because of e.g. technical infrastructure If your event meets all of the above criteria, your event will be eligible for the application assessment process. After submitting your event, you will get a response within four weeks.
I am a representative of a library: If you have nonprofit status in your country, you can apply for a grant. If you are not sure, contact your local TechSoup partner. If you do not have nonprofit status, you will need to find a charitable organisation as a cooperation partner. I want to organise an event as a private person: You are required to find a charitable organisation as a cooperation partner.
Please note, that grants can only be transferred to charitable organisations. Therefore, it is important that your school is charitable. In most cases, schools have a charitable school association with whom they can register to Meet and Code. If not, it is also possible to find a nonprofit organisation as a cooperation partner. Once you are registered, you can submit your event and hold the event as part of a school lesson. If you do not know the lesson schedule for the next month’s yet, you can indicate an approximate time where you think the event could take place during your lesson. When submitting your event, you can choose the option, "Eventfully booked”. In that case, no other people, apart from your students, take part in the event.
Share your idea with your parents, teacher, librarian or local nonprofit organisation representative! If you need our support, tell them about the Meet and Code initiative as well. You can find some useful resources that you can use during your event in our Inspiration Library.
Yes! You can submit as many different ideas as you like. Please take into account, that each event must be distinct in its content.
The registration for Meet and Code is open from 1 June until 8 September 2021. Unfortunately, late submissions will not be accepted.
You will get a response within four weeks after submitting your idea.
You will receive a confirmation email with the bank details you stated when you registered. As soon as you have revised this information, the funding money will be transferred to your account within the next weeks. We ask you to please send us a donation receipt after you have received the money. Then it is in your hands to organise a successful event! You can find useful resources Inspiration Library and support for your communication in the download section when you are logged in here.
Each funded non-profit organisation will be required to complete the reporting survey within 48 hours after their event has taken place. The survey consists of two questionnaires, one to be filled out before, and one after the event. There is one survey for each organisation, independent of the number of events. The survey will be sent to the email address of the contact person of every granted event before 1 September. In addition to the reporting survey, there is also a participant’s survey. We ask you to conduct this with the participants at the beginning and end of the event. This survey is voluntary. Depending on your country, you will also be required to provide a confirmation or a donation receipt detailing the donation received for the Meet and Code initiative. If you require more details about the terms and conditions, please click here.
The Meet and Code Inspiration Library offers you a wide range of free materials including ideas and methods to organise your event. We also encourage you to look at events that have already registered, click here.
If you wish to let other people know about your Meet and Code event, you can do this through social media using the hashtags: #meetandcode #codeEU #SAP4Good. Events on the website can be directly shared through social media icons. If your event is has been approved, soon afterwards you will receive a Welcome Package via email that will include communication guidelines, graphics and ideas to help you promote your event. You can also download it directly on our website anytime you need it. Just log in on the Meet and Code website and go to the “Downloads” section.
Yes! Go to our storytelling page where you can find a simple guidebook on how to describe your story and send it to the contact person in your country. The story should be in English, but if you want, you can include also the version in your local language. If you send us all the necessary information, we will be happy to share your success in both language versions! If you want to send us photos or videos, we ask you to provide us with a written statement that you have collected consent from event participants before sharing your story on our website. You can find it as an attachment in the guidebook. Before you do that, you have to receive appropriate consent from the participants, or in the case of children – their legal guardians - to share such images publicly. You can find the consent template in the ‘Downloads’ section after you log in on the Meet and Code website.
Applications for the 2021 Awards will start 1 November and close on 15 December- 2021. Once you have successfully conducted your event during September and/or October, you can apply for the Awards on the website. For further information about the Award and the application form, click here.
No. Participation in the Awards is voluntary.
The jury selection of events will take place after the award registration deadline. Those events will receive the information within about six weeks. You will be notified via email if you are a finalist of one of the categories. Additionally, the results will be displayed on the website. The winners of all categories will be announced during the Award Weekend.
The prize money of 2,000€ should be used for the purpose of teaching, transmitting and promoting digital skills to children.