Cyber Security During An Online Event

Learn how to simply improve the safety of your online meetings during this webinar!

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Did you know that 43% of data breaches are cloud based web applications? Global pandemic forced us all to move to the digital world – most of the events and meetings are happening online now. But have you ever wondered how to protect yourself and your participants during and online meetings?

Do not worry! We are here to help you get better at it. With Filip Jurkiewicz’s online seminar ”Cyber Security During An Online Event” you will learn how to simply improve the safety of your online events during this difficult time.

Combine online meetings with security good practice. Do you know that you can enhance the overall security while hosting webinars and video conferences in a few steps? We will show you how to protect the data and meeting attendees themselves by enforcing authentication methods, encryption and additional verification of users. Remember, you can take care of your online security before, during and after hosting the event.

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