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“Robotics offline and online” was a great social experience between students with and without handicaps.

The Adj esélyt Alapítvány is a Hungarian foundation of Bartos Sándor School of Special Education Students. The main goal of the Foundation is to promote equity for their students and support their activities regarding learning and schoolwork.

In 2019, the Foundation organized a Meet and Code event called “Robotics offline and online”. For two days they presented basics of coding for Special Education Needs students with floor-robots (offline) and Scottie Go (online). The robots supported the development of students cognitive and social skills.

 “Will you come back tomorrow with robots?” (student)


But not only learning coding was the aim of the event. First of all, the Foundation created a safe space to make new social connections between students with or without handicaps who could learn and have fun together.

Now, the plan is to integrate this project into regular curriculum! Fingers crossed!

https://sniikt.wordpress.com/meet-and-code/ https://www.facebook.com/AknaiDori