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Our Vision and Support

Imagine a world where all young European citizens have the digital skills to shape their own future.

Meet and Code is driven by this vision and implemented with the belief that it can happen if various groups work together.

We help nonprofits organize grassroots coding events supporting communities of all sizes and making Europe more digital starting at the local level. With our initiative, we strive for global change and work within the framework of EU Code Week and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Meet and Code is the right place for young Europeans to make their first steps as digital creators. They learn not only coding but also problem-solving and collaboration.

Why Digital Skills Are So Important?

9 out of 10 jobs will soon require digital skills, according to “The Digital Skills Gap in Europe” report by the European Commission in 2017. Every day, our increasingly digital world presents new challenges to European businesses and societies. For this reason, it is important that the young are prepared to embrace the digital future.



Young people in Europe want to do more than “like” and “share”. They want to create with digital tools and be empowered. Take part in coding activities during EU Code Week and help more Europeans become digital creators!

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society.

How Does Meet and Code Support Digital Skills Education?

Our mission is to support local nonprofits across Europe to provide access to coding and digital skills for the next generation of young Europeans.

Meet and Code Grants

Meet and Code has already supported about 1,700 events addressed to children and young adults aged between 8 and 24. In 2019, for the third time, Meet and Code will support charitable organizations from 25 European countries and enable free and equal access to coding and digital education across Europe.

In order to receive a grant, the event has to fulfill the basic criteria:

  • revolve around the theme of technology and coding;
  • address at least 20 children and young people aged between 8 and 24;
  • be submitted by a charitable non-profit organization directly on www.meet-and-code.org website;
  • take place in one of the participating countries;
  • take place during the EU Code Week (05 to 20 October 2019);
  • be free for participants.

All criteria and restriction are described in the Conditions of Participation.

Meet and Code Inspiration Library

Go ahead and plan your own innovative project! If you need a little inspiration, please visit our Meet and Code Inspiration Library and learn from best-practice examples and other interesting resources available for free.

In the Meet and Code Inspiration Library, you can find useful resources, presentations, tool kits and links in your local language and in English for the different stages of learning - from beginner to advanced.

Go to the Inspiration Library.