New year, new Meet and Code

This year, Meet and Code has some big changes in store. In this blog, we will unpack what you can expect and give you a rundown of the highlights from 2023.

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Firstly, you may have noticed our refreshed look! With Amazon becoming our primary donor partner for Meet and Code 2024 we have used this opportunity to give Meet and Code a makeover so head on over to our website and check out our new look and feel.
This year we look forward to new possibilities to equip youth from diverse backgrounds with the digital skills necessary for future jobs through the support of creative workshops posted by NPOs. Keep a look out for our capacity-building sessions and resources which we will provide to ensure the success of your events in 2024.
Breaking barriers in 2023
Reflecting on the results of last year, we take pride in announcing a record-breaking surge. With 57,200 participants actively engaging in 1,300 workshops across 703 cities spanning 25 European countries, we provided support to 739 NPOs. Notably, 47% of participants came from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds, and 41% were female.
In addition, 43% of those who participated came from low-income households, 22% had a migration background, and 11% were refugees. The impact on their coding knowledge was substantial, with over 72% acknowledging that the event significantly contributed to their understanding of coding, highlighting the educational value of the initiative.
Meet and Code played a pivotal role in empowering NPOs, with 65% of events made possible through provided microgrants. Their satisfaction with the program was evident, with over 80% stating that this year's program fully met their expectations, while more than 83% considered their events successful.
You can learn more about the history of Meet and Code as well as the extraordinary impact we made last year by reading our Impact Report here.
We've also compiled a video showcasing last year’s highlights, which you can watch here.

Join the Meet and Code movement!
If you are an NPO wishing to be involved in Meet and Code this year, please stay informed by checking out our website, social pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and X), and newsletters for upcoming announcements.
For public or private companies interested in becoming a Meet and Code donor partner, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing
We eagerly anticipate creating more coding magic in 2024!