Start your server!

Bund der Foerderer der Maria-Ward-Schule e.V.

Leírás We'll set up our own blog on our own vServer using commands on the Linux shell.

You will learn:
1) How to rent a vServer (free of charge - the server is paid by Meet-and-Code).
2) How to establish an SSH connection.
3) What a Linux shell is.
4) How to start your own server services using Linux shell commands.
5) How to create a database and link it to Wordpress.

Afterwards you have your own blog, which is accessible online at your own (sub)domain. There you can immediately start blogging independently about your favorite topics. We even pay the server costs for 4 more months! So you can get started creatively right away. In order to run your blog responsibly, you will also receive a practical introduction to the topic of data protection (GDPR).

Target audience: Young women who want to learn more about servers and how the Internet operates, as well as how to blog independently.


Korcsoport 16 - 20


Típus Offline rendezvény

Időpont 12.10.2022    13:30 - 16:00


Maximális résztvevőszám 25 Szeretne Ön is részt venni? Kérjük, vegye fel a kapcsolatot a szervezővel.

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