Code Breaking and Physical Fitness with micro:bits


Description The event will teach children in Year 6 how to use the micro:bit to be active

They will be taking part in two activities which will include 70 pupils and 4 teachers:
1. Code breaking - in line with their World War 2 topic they will be using the micro:bit radio funciton to hide and crack codes, running around the school collecting codes and sending them back to be decoded by their partner
2. PE - they will use the micro:bit to measure steps and acceleration in their PE lesson so they can learn how to use data logging but also analyse their physical activity.

The goals of the event are not only for the young people to see how to be digitally active but also for the teachers to gain CPD by helping in the sessions so they can run them next year by themselves (they are non-speclialist teachers)

The children will be registered at the school, this is direct work with a school. The school is part of a wider trust and this is a pilot event to share more widely so children across Wiltshire can be involved in the future.


Age group 10 - 10


Type Offline-Event

Date 03.10.2022    10:00 - 15:00

Address St Mary's School
SN8 4BX Marlborough

Max. Participants 74 Event fully booked.

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