Code Week 10yr Anniversary Event


Description The event will involve 8 different schools across Berkshire and Oxfordshire in the UK. The event will teach children the use of sequence, selection and iteration through the use of physical computing including Lego Mindstorms and the micro:bit. Children will carry out a range of small challenges to build their skills around the global goals and also the theme of friendship. They will then carry out a challenge in teams and present the solutions around making the world a better place.

The goals of the event are:
- bring children together from different counties in the UK
- develop their sequence, selection and iteration skills through the use of physical computing
- connect with another country to understand the cultural impact of computing and solutions that may be designed.
- provide teachers with some training during the event so that they can repeat the activities in their own schools in future years / later in the year.

The event is special because we will be bringing schools together to solve a problem, present it and celebrate 10 years of Code Week.

The target group will be Year 6 and 7 children with priority places going to children with free school meals

Age group 9 - 11


Type Hybrid-Event

Date 14.10.2022    10:00 - 15:00

Max. Participants 100 Event fully booked.

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