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3rd Cleethorpes Scouts

Description We are an active Scout Group located in one of the most deprived areas of the country. We are located on the corner of Carr Lane and Cooper Road in Grimsby, in the East Marsh Ward with one area in the ward that we cover ranking 13th out of 32,884 LSOAs in the 2015 Indices of Deprivation. The indices also ranked areas of East Marsh as the fourth worst place in the UK for employment, the second for crime and the worst for education, skills and training. In an area that is severely lacking in organised youth activities, our group has been equipping young people with vital skills for over 100 years. As Scouts, we believe in preparing young people with skills for life. This is where the coding event comes in. Or young people do not get the chance to develop their digital skills so using the Scout Digital Maker activity badge and the familiar concepts of maps and compasses as our base we are going to spend the day exploring coding. If the event proves successful we will then run regular sessions with the young people.


Age group 8 - 18


Type Offline-Event

Date 13.10.2018    10:00 - 16:00

Address 3rd Cleethorpes Scout HQ, 188 Cooper Road (corner of Carr Lane and Cooper Road)
DN32 8DH Grimsby

Max. Participants 40 You want to take part in? Please contact our local contact person.

Participation is free.
Meet and Code Award award.noparticipation

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