Reach for the stars micro:bit coding summer school


Description The event will teach young people, especially girls, how to use the micro:bit to be digitally active. They will carry out 5 coding challenges all related to Space where they will then test the devices outside, developing their digital wellbeing. It will teach sequence, selection, iteration, functions and physical computing as well as collaborative coding practices.

This face to face event will enable children from the deprived area of Swindon, Wilsthire, UK to code in groups using a micro:bit programmable device. Videos will be created and special guests - young women from the space industry will be mentors for the children.

We are targeting children from Swindon schools which is an area of high deprivation in the UK. We are targeting 9, 10 and 11 year old children to help wtih transition which has been affected by the pandemic.

The goals are to engage young people, especially girls, to see how technology can make a difference to the world and space exploration. The programme will also provide young people with purposeful coding skills using phsyical devices, working in teams to develop solutions.

This event is special as it will be hosted at a Science space research facility


Age group 9 - 11


Type Offline-Event

Date 27.10.2022    10:00 - 15:00
28.10.2022    10:00 - 15:00

Address Rutherford Appleton Laboratories
OX11 0QX Chilton, Didcot

Max. Participants 40 Event fully booked.

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