Lego Mindstorms and Drone Challenge


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For our EU Meet and Code event, we will partner with the Principal Head Teacher for Technical Education at a local Angus high school to provide workshop activities showcasing Lego Mindstorms and Drones.

Using iPads and with tutoring from the Principal Teacher, workshop participants will create team challenges such as racing the Lego Mindstorms to win.

The challenge to those attending will be to learn about how the Lego Mindstorms are programmed and how this code is then used to control their movements.

Another workshop will include special demonstrations using drones.

The high school’s Young Engineers’ Club are demonstrating at the upcoming Scottish Learning Festival. The pupils will share the resources they have been using to showcase the drones in action; our workshop attendants will be able to enjoy an intimate show of these young people’s work.


Age group 10 - 14


Type Offline-Event

Date 18.10.2018    18:30 - 20:30

Address Forfar Community Campus, Kirriemuir Road
DD8 3TG Forfar

Max. Participants 20 You want to take part in? Please contact our local contact person.

Participation is free.
Meet and Code Award award.innovation

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