Meet and Code welcomes Amazon to the 2022 edition

Amazon extends Meet and Code partnership to reach more youth across Europe.

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We are proud to announce that our local partner Amazon will be supporting Meet and Code’s efforts in Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain this year. Let’s give the amazing Amazonians a warm welcome to our network of coding aficionados and digital fundis!

Amazon aims to help shape tomorrow's digital talent as colourful as our society. The company encourages young people to discover the world of IT and coding to strengthen their professional opportunities in the future.

Their funding has a special focus on children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to create a stronger, more diverse digital economy with career opportunities for everyone. They also provide several free resources for students and young programmers: For example, Amazon Future Engineer offers digital classroom chats for students and a fun 3-hour Amazon Cyber Robotics challenge to learn coding and discover Computer Science available in English, French, and German. For more information on more local resources, please check out the local Meet and Code websites.

Meet and Code and Amazon form a perfect alliance to support young talents in programming. This collaboration will strengthen the young tech community, make it even more inclusive, and ensure that every person, regardless of background, interests, and opportunities in life, can enjoy programming and use programming to solve various challenges.

Thank you, Amazon! We look forward to igniting an even greater passion for all things digital among Europe’s youth in 2022. To infinity and beyond!