Roblox Studio- Game Creation basics

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Kirjeldus "Roblox Studio- Game Creation basics" virtual workshop will teach young people how to use Roblox Studio for creating 3D computer games. During workshop students will learn basics of Roblox Studio ( modeling, basics of coding, design, narrating etc). Workshop will concentrate on creating of "obby-style 3D game". Aim of this workshop- introduce young people creative coding and possibilities to code in fun and engaging way , develop soft skills and shift focus from game playing to game making.

Workshop focus group is young people at the age of 10-14 both boys and girls. In this age people are playing computer games quite a lot. By this workshop we would like to use this natural interest to computer games to shift focus from playing to making games ( using coding, modelling , design and engeneering skills). Also aim is to show that IT world is very versatile ( different jobs- like programmers, game artist etc) and increase young people interest to IT professions.


Vanuserühm 10 - 15


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Kuupäev 28.10.2021    17:00 - 18:30


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