Kids from North Macedonia learnt how to use robots and drones to identify and extinguish fires, and evacuate in a state of emergency.

Inspired by the devastating wildfires in the Amazon Rainforest and  the bushfires in Australia, young people from the North Macedonia learnt how to use robots and drones to identify and extinguish fires, and evacuate in a state of emergency.

Can you tell us more about your organisation?

Our educational center for innovative learning – STEMLab is focused on providing youth problem-based learning to create problem solvers, risk takers and critical thinkers . These young people will be engaged in and trained on helping to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) and prepare to face all challenges the future will bring at a global level. This will be achieved through innovative educational methods from STEM learning.

What did you do during your Meet and Code event?

Our event at AMyZONE was inspired by the devastating fires in the Amazon Rainforest, but also the unfortunate fires in our very own city, where the lives of four family members were tragically lost. 

Students and later parents as well, were taught how to use robots and drones to identify and extinguish a fire. Additionally, they were taught how to evacuate in a state of emergency. The recent bushfires in Australia only further reinforced the importance preparedness regarding fires and the dangers they pose.


Why did you choose to participate in Meet and Code?

The Meet and Code Project had the most appropriate format for the type of work are interested in engaging our students with. The content of the projects, the age of our students and the ease of application all fit our vision for AMyZONE students and curriculum. We had an idea, which we thought had potential, and through Meet and Code, we had a tremendous opportunity to express it. 

“One thing that really impressed me in the AMyZONE project was the drone technology that was used to rescue people from fires in our city. This is something that should be taken as a model all over the world and we need to create a global effect. This way fires can be more easily controlled and consequences not too grave. The purpose of this project is to teach us how firemen and firewomen’s work can be more efficient by making rescue missions both safer and faster. It is so innovative to have small devices do great work and changing the way people perceive the role of technology in these rescue missions” D.A – 8th grade pupil

What are the results of the project?

With our AMyZONE event, we conceptually changed our approach to solving everyday challenges, which are currently addressed in traditional ways to rethinking how they can be addressed in a more modern and alternative approach that proves more efficient, effective and safe. In the future, we hope to see drone related solutions implemented in rescue operations through our fire department. 

"As a parent myself, I speak for fellow parents in that we are extremely supportive and satisfied with the projects of the STEMLab. Our children had a wonderful opportunity to see and learn the art of coding and usage of technology and drones to support and conduct rescue missions. This was both an educational and inspiring experience for both us and our children" K.A. - parent