Scratch for Mum and Daughter

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Beschreibung Mothers spend a lot of time with their daughters. Mothers would like to teach their daughters how to code, but if they do not understand how to code, they cannot help. We want to bride that gap.

In this online workshop, we would like to introduce girls into programming by teaching their mums too. Scratch is very easy to learn. When their mothers learn the basics of programming with Scratch and the fun they get out of it, they can easily continue to learn and also teach their daughters at home.

We shall begin the workshop by explaining the need for the girls to learn how to code. Then we shall explain how a program looks like and then using simple examples, we shall let the both the mothers and daughters jointly participate in programming some simple tasks.

The mothers do not count in the number of participants of the event.

Registered participants of this online event will receive all instructions before the event. They need only their Android phones to the Zoom session

Altersgruppe 8 - 16


Typ Online-Event

Datum 16.10.2020    16:00 - 18:00

Max. Teilnehmerzahl 12 Sie möchten am Event teilnehmen? Dann kontaktieren Sie bitte den unten genannten Ansprechpartner.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.
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