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Code the program with Snake

Active Cypriot Programs and European Learning Into

Περιγραφή Do you like playing Lego? -asked the children.

In our vision is that the children they don't have to write the program in the form of text. We would like to introduce the program as like made up with blocks that need to be dragged and joined like LEGO blocks.

Yes! We are talking about SCRATCH programming language focus on the development of creative potential.

But how we can involve the students the most effective?

Off course with the Scratch Language where children create their own projects. Animated or interactive stories, cartoons, computer games, presentation, slide shows, postcards with moving and talking characters.

After we make the interest of the Scratch programing, we will be able to guide the children to the right direction able to start to learn and create their own projects as individual...

Ηλικιακή ομάδα 8 - 12


Τύπος Διαδυκτιακή Εκδήλωση

Ημερομηνία 17.10.2020    14:30 - 16:30

Μέγιστος αριθμός συμμετεχόντων 30 Η εκδήλωση είναι πλήρως κλεισμένη.

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