Public Choice Award

September 16 – October 20, each of 1200 Meet and Code events can be voted for and win the Public Choice Award and 2000 euro prize.

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Starting from September 16, until end of day on October 20, granted Meet and Code event can be voted for. Find an event, read a description, if you like it, click VOTE.

For a vote to be counted, an email address will need to be entered and confirmed. Each email address can only vote once.
On Award subpage you will find the list of current results - the TOP 10 events from all participating countries. The top 3 will be invited to the Award Weekend.  

Promote Your Event

We recommend all nonprofits to actively promote their event and encourage the public to vote for your idea! Use Tips and tricks from the Welcome Pack, prepare attractive visuals and make people vote until October 20!

Don’t forget to tag @meetandcode and use our hashtags: #meetandcode#sap4good #codeEU