Digital Sciences for Teenagers

Humans in the Loop

Описание The event will be a 90-min session introducing teenagers to the content of the Digital Science course, a partnership between Humans in the Loop Foundation and Telerik School Academy.

The course is designed to
- give better understanding of modern technologies such as robotics and AI
- assist in choosing career opportunities in the IT sector
- help in first steps in web design/programming
- build first basic application

- between 20-30 trainees, who have previously applied for the course
- one dedicated trainer with experience teaching programming to conflict-affected people
- Training Coordinator to administer and ensure the smooth workflow of all related activities

Our free course is for 13-18 years old teenagers, whose families have been affected by conflicts with statuses such as refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons. The online training is for students located inside and outside Bulgaria in one of the conflict-affected countries (Ukraine, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Lebon, Afghanistan).
Through games, introduction activities and presentations, we will have the chance for everyone to decide if the program is interesting and relevant for their future.

Възрастова група 13 - 19


Вид Hybrid-Event

Дата 04.10.2022    11:00 - 12:30

Макс. брой участници 30 Искате да участвате? Моля свържете се с лицето за контакти.

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