Условия за участие

Eligibility Criteria for the Meet and Code Grant

Only charitable non-profit organisations from the following countries are eligible to apply for the Meet and Code grant: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Ukraine. All submitted digital and coding event ideas should be planned within the timeframe of September 1st till October 31st, 2020, and aligned with the EU Code Week. The events should address children and youth ages 8 to 24, and must be free for participants. More details in section ‘Funding Criteria for Selecting Submitted Project Ideas’.

Who Is Behind Meet and Code?

The software company SAP, the German charitable organisation Haus des Stiftens gGmbH and the respective country partners of the TechSoup Europe network are the main organisations behind the Meet and Code initiative.

The initiative is financed by SAP. The non-profit organisation Haus des Stiftens GmbH has developed the initiative and is responsible for selecting the projects to be funded in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as the funds made available by SAP for forwarding (hereinafter also the 'SAP Funds'). In addition, Haus des Stiftens gGmbH coordinates the project funds via the respective country partners of the TechSoup Europe network responsible for the remaining countries. The initiative is also supported by a wide range of committed sponsors.

Validating Applicant Organisations

Organisations interested in applying for a Meet and Code grant must first register with Meet and Code and have their status as a charitable non-profit organisation validated. This validation will be performed by the TechSoup Europe network partner in the applicant organisation’s country.

Authorised representatives of the organisation must provide details of their organisation and enter a detailed description of the event idea and valid contact details. Each organisation is entitled to submit more than one event idea, provided it involves significantly different projects.

Idea Submission Window

Organisations may submit their event ideas between 08.06.2022 and 14.09.2022 inclusive. The determining factor enabling the evaluation of the idea by the local partner is the completeness of the details provided and documents submitted up to the close of registration.

Evaluating an Event Idea

Every event idea will be evaluated by Haus des Stiftens GmbH or, as may apply, its partner in the TechSoup Europe network After four weeks the organisation's representative will be notified by email if a submitted idea will be funded or not.

In the event of an idea being rejected, the local TechSoup Europe partner can - on non-profit’s request - share the reason for rejection with the person responsible. The organisation is able to submit the idea again once it has been revised. Should it be rejected again, the idea can no longer be submitted.

By submitting an ideas the applicant agrees that each approved and sponsored event idea will be automatically published on the website and visible for all users.

Period for Performing the Funded Events

The funded event must take place from Sepember 1st to October 31st, 2020.

Amount of the Meet and Code Grant

Every event idea approved for funding receives 500 € to get it off the ground. Haus des Stiftens gGmbH reserves the right to increase or reduce the amount of Funding in individual cases.

Funding Criteria for Selecting Submitted Project Ideas

The following basic criteria apply for the event idea:

  1. The submitted event idea seeks to inspire and introduce young people to the world of technology and coding. Each event must revolve around the theme of technology and coding.
  2. The event has to be realized between September 1 and October 31, 2020.
  3. Attendance at an event funded by the Meet and Code initiative must be free for participants.
  4. The target audience are children and youth between 8 and 24 years.
  5. The participation for them must be free of charge.

Eligible applicants: Only charitable organizations can submit their ideas via their country Meet and Code Website.

  1. The events are initiated, managed and run by the submitting non-profit organisation itself. The submitting non-profit organisation is responsible and liable for everything that occurs during the planning, organisation, running and follow-up of the project.
  2. The funds are only paid out to charitable organisations able to evidence their non-profit status. Evidence must be provided during the validation process performed by the TechSoup Europe network partner in the applicant organisation’s country.

In addition to the basic requirements, the following rules apply for 2020:

  1. All event ideas have to be executed virtually.
  2. The event has to be designed for a minimum of 90 minutes time. This timeframe can be met in one session or can be divided into several sessions.
  3. Live events have to be designed for a minimum of 10 attendees.
  4. The format of the events can be
    a) A live event, e.g. a webinar or a virtual coding workshop
    b) A “non-live event” with mandatory participant interaction, e.g. a Massive Open Online Course with live FAQ sessions.

Please note that funding can only be used for event related expenditure, that is:

  1. trainer for the workshop
  2. license for online teaching tools
  3. Learning materials for participants including curation and shipping, e.g. workings books or hardware
  4. communication to reach potential participants, e.g. flyer, poster, online marketing
  5. Professional external support to enable an online event, e.g. technical support. Rent for space needed because of e.g. technical infrastructure

Haus des Stiftens gGmbH or, as may apply, its partner in the TechSoup Europe network rule at their own discretion about the funding once the selection criteria have been met by the organisation.

There is no automatic entitlement to reasons for rejection and also no legal entitlement of the applicant to a grant. Neither is there an obligation to perform when the funding guidelines have been met.

Exclusion Criteria

The following event ideas are excluded from funding:

  • Events not developed and implemented in one of the participating countries
  • Political or religious initiatives
  • Projects benefiting only individuals
  • Projects not related to Meet and Code

Duty to Report

  1. About Funded Events

    Each funded non-profit organisation is obliged to answer to the reporting survey. The survey consist of two questionnaires, one to be filled out before and one after the event timeframe. There is one survey for each organization, independent of the number of events conducted by such organization. The survey form will be sent to the email address of the contact person of every granted event before September 1st, 2020.

    The survey must include the following information as a minimum:

    • Name of the organisation
    • Event title
    • Event location
    • Date of event
    • Nature of the event
    • Number and gender of participants
    • Self-assesment of the level of digitisation in the organisation
    • Feedback to the Meet and Code program

    In addition to the reporting survey, there is a participant’s survey aimed at the participants of the event. The funded non-profit organisation is asked to conduct this with the participants at the beginning and end of the event. This survey is voluntary.

    When providing information material, in particular pictures and videos or names, the organisations are obliged to observe the applicable laws and to exempt Haus des Stiftens gGmbH and its partners from all claims of third parties, for example due to infringement of copyrights, trademark rights, other industrial property rights or other rights and to indemnify in this regard. Declarations of consent may be required to safeguard the privacy rights of the persons depicted (especially in the case of minors with the signature of their parents).

  2. About Using Financial Resources; Donation Confirmation

    The funded organisations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland must provide Haus des Stiftens gGmbH with confirmation regarding the donation received under the Meet and Code initiative. Funded organisations from other countries may or may not be required to email a specific form to the respective country partners of the TechSoup Europe network confirming their donation.

  3. Documentation Deadline

    Donation confirmations must be provided by the funded non-profit organisation within 14 days of the event´s completion. The reporting survey must be completed by the funded non-profit organisations within 48 hours after the event has ended.

  • Prizes: The three finalists of each category will be awarded with an invitation to the award closing event, which will be held virtually or on-site and that will include a framework program and workshop. In case of an on-site closing event, travel expenses, accommodation and a meal allowance covered will be covered. Two people per organisation are allowed to attend the award closing event. The first place in each category will receive an additional prize money of 2000 euros.
  • Legal remedy and liability: The organiser assumes no liability for the journey to the award closing event. The legal recourse is excluded.
  • Public Communication

    The project partner are entitled to fully use the above mentioned reports and survey results, including the information material provided, as well as information on participants and winners of the award with the associated event ideas - as part of their own reporting. The applicant agrees to this by submitting the ideas and providing further information in the course of its participation.

    In order to strengthen the idea of Meet and Code, the organisations are obliged to use the Meet and Code logo in their public relations activities related to sponsored events. The correct use of the logo is explained in the style guide. The use of the logo must be documented by email to

    In addition, we strongly encourage organisations to use the hashtag of the initiative: #meetandcode #codeEU and #sap4good in their communication in social networks. Meet and Code will provide a social media wall that will list all posts using the mentioned hashtag and present them on the Meet and Code websites.

    Responsibilities; Liability

    Meet and Code takes place aligned with the EU Code Week and aims at strengthening this Europe-wide initiative. Therefore, we encourage all funded non-profit organisations to also register their granted Meet and Code events on the EU Code Week website.

    The non-profit organisation submitting the event idea is responsible for running the project. The partners of the initiative in no way assume responsibility and liability with regard to the project or its implementation. The partners in the initiative are not liable for damage, losses, injuries or non-performance suffered by participants, third parties or legal entities due to a registration or implementation of a project. Neither are the partners in the initiative liable for legal obligations on participants in or due to performance of the project, regardless of whether the obligations are linked to funding resources or not.

    Partners in the initiative are not liable for damage to computers in connection with or due to participation or the downloading of material in connection with the Meet and Code initiative.

    Cancelled Projects; Residual Funds

    Should a project not be conducted for whatever reason or residual funds remain after the project has been implemented the applicant is obliged to report such fact to Haus des Stiftens without undue delay and may suggest similar projects that could be funded by such residual funds.

    At Haus des Stiftens’ discretion, any amount of residual funds must be either returned to Haus des Stiftens (or the respective Tech Soup partne organisation) or used within the current calendar year in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations for charitable projects similar to the submitted project (programming themes) In the latter case, the applicant agrees to ensure and bear liability that such residual funds may only be used for charitable purposes. In case of using the funds for a similar project, the applicant’s obligation to report on the use of such financial resources without undue delay remains in place.