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Covering a variety of topics, these online sessions will be hosted in English, encompassing programming, computer science education, and even the exploration of potential career avenues for your participants. Ready to supercharge your ideas?


Latest webinars:

Hosted by: Michael Vollmann, Europe Lead Education, Amazon in the Community 

Date and time: July 11, 11:00 – 12:00 (CEST) 


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In this informative session, Michael will delve into the details of Amazon Future Engineer and uncover the tools, programs, and resources it offers to empower the next generation. From comprehensive educational resources to innovative learning platforms, you will learn how this initiative is reshaping the landscape of Computer Science education and opening doors to a brighter future for youth in Europe. Join us for an inspiring webinar that will leave you equipped with the knowledge and insights needed to make a difference in the lives of aspiring digital enthusiasts and find out more about free resources and offerings in the field of Computer Science education.


  • Train the Trainer Sessions in partnership with digit<all>

     Do you need inspiration for your Meet and Code or EU Code Week workshops? Participate in our Train the Trainer (TTT) sessions and               learn more about physical and active computing as well as how to inspire more girls to forge careers in computing: 

            1.    Meet and Code - Physical and Active Computing:

                   Date and time: July 17, 18:00 – 19:00 (CEST) 

                   Already happened

           Together, we will uncover the incredible benefits of combining active movement with coding, all while harnessing the power of                         micro:bit. 

During this session, we'll shine a spotlight on captivating activities that emphasise teamwork and collaboration, as well as encoding and decoding messages with a special focus on climate and space. We’ll also explore unplugged computing, where coding takes on a whole new dimension without the use of computers, with examples including algorithms and data representation.  

Join this session and receive valuable resources that can be utilised to get your students active with computing. Discover top tips, tricks, and strategies that foster engagement. 

             2.      Meet and Code - Girls in Computing: 

           Date and time: July 20, 18:00 – 19:00 (CEST) 

           Already happened

Explore research-informed approaches that have proven to be instrumental in fostering self-confidence and self-efficacy in girls when it comes to the world of computing.  

 We’ll pay special attention to the importance of context and look at why providing a compelling "hook" is vital in capturing girls' imaginations and making coding activities truly meaningful to them.   

 With pedagogy taking centre stage, we’ll unpack strategies that empower young individuals to tackle challenges with resilience. This is done through the art of nurturing problem-solving skills as well as equipping children with the ability to overcome obstacles and develop robust solutions.  

           You will also be privy to case studies that highlight the transformative power of role models and why creating environments where                   girls can collaborate, have opinions and, develop leadership skills is crucial. 

Our Capacity Building Goals:

  • Meet and Code wants to enable non-profits in digital education. 

  • We will continue to support in these challenging times and work together to help create impactful in-person, hybrid or online events, 

  • Meet and Code’s aim is to inspire, share best practice, support, and develop new ideas, as well as to help address any challenges you are faced with. 

Setting up an on-site or virtual Meet and Code event is fun but can also be challenging. You may find yourself wondering what the current trends in digital skills are or how you can motivate young learners to join your course.  

As there are many questions that you will probably ask yourself when going through this process, we have developed several free learning opportunities and expert advice to support you in your Meet and Code journey: 

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