Introducing Meet and Code’s Online Seminars

Are you looking for a dash of inspiration to add to your creative workshop formulae? Then look no further, Meet and Code has the answer.

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Check out the first-ever Meet and Code Online Seminars to get your organization prepared for the launch of this year's virtual edition. 
With registrations opening now, the Meet and Code Online Seminars seek to encourage and inspire your nonprofit with a broad range of interesting topics centered around the world of IT; from coding to digital education.  
SAP expert speakers and coaches for your nonprofit 
In support of fast-tracking digital skills adoption for European youth, the Meet and Code Online Seminars form an important part of Meet and Code’s capacity building efforts and will feature SAP expert speakers and coaches. The sessions will be held in English and best of all, participation is free! 
Register now: Online Seminars from May 18 - 20 
Are you new to the world of data protection and IT Security? Maybe you want to learn more about a hackers mindset? Perhaps you would like to integrate the fun world of Snap!? Check out the below workshop abstracts to hear more about inspiring topics and best practice for your virtual workshops 

  1. Birgit Hess, May 18, 16:00 – 17:00  
Title: What is data protection and why is it important? 
Did you know that there is a fundamental difference between data protection and IT security? This workshop will discuss what that difference is and why it is important for associations to know about both. There are many technical and legal risks involved when processing data. Protection against cyber-attacks is just as important as the secure and legal handling of personal data. During this session, participants will be provided with technical and organizational measures to protect data and tips for practical implementation. Kindly note: the session does not serve as legal advice but provides a great introduction to the topic. 
Meet the speaker: 
Our expert speaker, Birgit Hess, Product Security Officer at SAP is a fierce believer in the value and necessity of data protection. Birgit joined SAP in 2006 and during her career she discovered her passion for protecting a fundamental human right - the right to Data Privacy.  
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  1. Philip Engelmartin, May 19, 15:30-16.30  
Title: You need a Hacker’s Mindset! And you need a Hacker’s Mindset! Everyone needs a Hacker’s Mindset! 
Did you know that hacking is not exclusive for people with good computer skills, it’s open to everyone? Learn more about a hacker’s mindset, how to obtain it, and how it will improve your daily life. 
About the speaker: 
Our expert speaker, Philip Engelmartin, is the central security advisor within the Technology & Innovation board area at SAP. In his role he consults development teams on how to apply secure software development and operations practice. He has also led the security workstream of the Corona-Warn-App, Germanys COVID-19 privacy preserving tracing application. Furthermore, he is a Security Evangelist and Mentor for SAP’s Capture the Flag events where he guides participants through cybersecurity challenges. And in 2018, he was awarded “Most Supportive Hacker” for SAP’s Capture the Flag.  
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  1. Jadga Huegle, May 20, 16:00 – 17:00  
Title: Learn how to teach coding virtually with Snap!   
Did you know that Snap! is a free, block-based educational graphical programming language and online community aimed at students to explore, create and re-mix interactive animations, games, and stories, while learning about mathematical and computational ideas? In this workshop we will provide projects and pedagogic inspirations on how to teach and share insights, tips, and tricks around Snap! If you’re a programming teacher or workshop facilitator, or aspiring to become one, then this session is for you!  
About the speaker: 
Our expert speaker, Jadga Huegle, was originally a biologist and discovered her interest in Computer Science (CS) while building a small connected greenhouse. Since then, she has become a Snap! and CS education devotee and is eager to share her excitement with everyone. Jadga works for SAP’s Snap! team and develops learning resources for schools and workshop facilitators. 
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